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About STR

The Swedish National Association of Driving Schools, STR, is an organisation for driving schools that offer professional driver training. STR is represented by around 630 member companies, which operate approximately 700 of Sweden’s 800 or so driving schools.




The driving schools employ just over 2,000 driving instructors, specialised in safe and environmentally-friendly driver training in cars, buses, trucks and two-wheeled vehicles. Each year they train around 100,000 licence-holders and 10,000 professional drivers. The association has a nationwide warranty scheme for all STR pupils.


The association’s activities

The main purpose of the association, according to the statutes, is to promote good training for road users and drivers and to protect members’ interests in the best way possible.


STR carries out long-term work on a number of issues in the area of road safety in Sweden and Europe. The aim of the association and its members is to help improve road safety with professionalism, objectivity and good arguments. STR responds to referrals concerning laws and regulations governing road safety and driver training. We represent STR-affiliated driving schools at conferences, in meetings and debates, and participate in investigations and task forces where we discuss and put forward proposals for improving road safety. Our understanding of our field is extensive and we work in close cooperation with member companies. Major resources are spent on building and maintaining a large network with other interested parties and players in the area of road safety. STR is an active member and collaborates in a number of organisations and projects in Sweden and Europe and thereby has the opportunity to influence the work being done to increase road safety.


For around ten years now STR has been developing and investing in EcoDriving (economical driving) for passenger cars, heavy vehicles, machinery and trains and has trained around 70,000 drivers. A new business area is STR YKB (certificate of professional competence), further training of professional drivers.


The annual report describes how STR and STR Service AB and its subsidiaries have worked during the year and what will happen during the next year. The annual report is updated in the spring.



The association’s member companies are affiliated to local associations. The chairman of each local association comprises STR’s board, which consists of 30 members. The board is the association’s highest decision-making body. The executive committee implements the board’s decisions and manages the association’s activities. The committee consists of five ordinary members and two deputies.


Every year a convention is held, hosted by one of the local associations. At these conventions the board makes decisions on a number of issues, but also provides a forum for other member activities. The convention is attended by between 350 and 500 people every year.


The association’s company

STR Service AB is owned by STR and functions as a service company for the member companies. It also publishes educational material for driver training itself, provides IT support for members and runs courses. Read more...

Stockholms Trafiksäkerhetscenter Gillinge AB and Umeå Trafiksäkerhetscenter Hörnefors AB are subsidiaries of STR Service AB, which organise risk education for licenceholders and further training for professional drivers at their own training centres. Read more...