Since 1986 STR has had a complaints committee to which a pupil can apply free of charge for an impartial assessment of a complaint against an STR-affiliated driving school. Complaints are handled via written correspondence between the complainant, the committee and the driving school.

The committee consists of:
  • A legally-qualified chairman
  • Chairman of the association in STR
  • Member of the driving school supervisory authority
  • Member of an association whose objective is to promote road safety
  • And a member of an association whose objective is to protect consumers’ interests.

The committee meets three to four times a year and usually handles cases where the application is received within one year of the driving school rejecting the pupil’s claim and within three years of his or her training ending (see regulations).

Regulations for STR’s complaints committee (in Swedish)

To make a complaint

If you are a pupil and are dissatisfied, you should first try to come to an agreement with your driving school within a reasonable period. If this doesn’t work, you can contact STR’s consumer information on telephone number 0418-40 10 00 or in writing to the address below.

Applications to STR’s complaints committee

Applications to the committee should be submitted within one year of the driving school rejecting the pupil’s claim and within three years of his or her training ending, subject to guarantee or similar undertaking. If the complaint is one of gross negligence or breach of good faith on the part of the driving school, a period of ten years applies instead.

Download the form below and fill it in and write a brief explanation of the background to your case, claim or compensation claim, as well as how the driving school is aware of the complaint. Note that the driving school must be affiliated to STR.

The form and report should be sent to the address below for registration.

STR’s Complaints Committee
Järvgatan 4
261 44 Landskrona
or by email to

Download the form (in Swedish)

Your rights as a customer

There are a great many consumer laws of varying nature. Some regulations are designed to protect consumers in individual cases (civil law) and some are designed to protect consumers as a collective body (market law). What these consumer laws have in common is that they are for the consumers’ benefit. The laws cannot therefore be waived.

STR has published a leaflet with procedures for compensation and refunds in the event of cancellation, etc. This has been developed by a legal expert and was determined by the committee.

Download and view it (in Swedish)